Chrysler Airtemp Gas Furnace Age

Can anyone assist with the age for a Chrysler Airtemp Natural Gas Furnace? The serial numbers are 3A824693 and 3A824879.

I checked Building Intelligence Center and they do not have the first two digits of the serial numbers from the furnaces. They are quite old. From what I could find online, it appears they may have been built in 1973, based on the first digit. Just trying to confirm before putting that in my report.

I found this reference online: “Chrysler Air Temp: Age is shown by the first digit of the serial number and corresponds to the last number of the year of manufacturer. Example 0C893745 = 1970. 1 = 1971, 2 = 1972, etc. Use common sense and visual observation to distinguish decades from one another.”

Appreciate any help!
Thank you, Dale

What year was the home built? 1973 is what I would have said, same info you have.

It was built in 1936.

I don’t know about the Chrysler Airtemp gas furnace ages. But, if they look that old, I would just report that they are beyond their useful lives and to budget for replacement…that is if they were operating as they should at inspection time. Otherwise, refer them out to a qualified HVAC tech.

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Thanks Larry,
Amazingly they were operating properly. Will advise to budget for replacement.

Appreciate your help!

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Chrysler sold Airtemp to Fedders in 1976 and the plant closed shortly after.

Thanks Junior,
So it must be 1973, and they both were still working at 47 years old! Amazing!

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I would also recommend them being serviced for safe operation…being that old.

Cracks in heat exchangers can take 15 to 20 minutes or more to open up, Dale.

Absolutely! Good information regarding potential cracks in the heat exchanger. Thanks Larry!

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IMO, the style of the Data plate (riveted as opposed to self-adhesive) and color would support the 1970s date.

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“Working” and “working properly” or “as designed” are very different concepts. The former is what a typical homeowner would tell you while trying to sell their “used” house. As a HI consulting your client, one should know the major difference between the concepts.


Hello Jeffrey,
Makes perfect sense and great catch.

Thank you!

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Hello Simon,
Agree, thank you for your input!