Circuit Breaker filler plate?

I am curious what this cover between the breaker and the enclosure is called? I am leaning towards filler plate. Any ideas appreciated.

As you can see, it is missing:


In panels I’ve called them a “knock-out cover” but am not sure where I got that term (or if it applies in the pictures situation). Filler Plate sounds pretty good.


I think you got it in your question. Cover plate sounds good. After all it does cover it.


Thanks for your input. I do use the term knock out cover at times. Typically when a knock out has been punched but there is nothing to fill the hole.

Brian. It is of my opinion, part of the plastic molded case for the left main disconnect detached. That is why there is a gap.
Looks like a 100 amp federal pasific 2 pole breaker.

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I agree, filler plate is the best terminology for that enclosure.


That’s correct.

Thanks @rmeier2

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For more than 12 years.

Yes. Is that a question?

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That’s the WAFI way of questioning your qualifications to offer your opinion! Just ignore the toad like the rest of us do. Once he finds his meds, he will disappear for three more weeks.



Brian! c’mon man.
It’s called Scotch tape, for gosh sakes!
But seriously, I’ve seen them in the stores shown as both - “Knock-out plates” and “Filler plates”.

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