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"Claims Against Home Inspectors" Webinar with Geoffrey Binney of GKBK Law

A Texas Attorney will discuss claims made against home inspectors and the benefits of having a Pre-Inspection Agreement. The class subject will include methods to help home inspectors avoid having a claim made against them and information that a pre-inspection agreement should include. *Pending TREC approval*



Originally broadcast on Dec 7, 2020

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This is the best claims webinar that I’ve seen, there were some great takeaways. Is the link to the word doc for the clauses available that Geoffrey was talking about?

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I had the same question :slightly_smiling_face:
I agree, it was a very well done presentation

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I cannot find the link to the word doc agree that he is wanting to share with us

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Ben Gromicko - Can you share his pre-inspection agreement?

I agree with others that this was a very useful webinar. However, I remain confused about where to find he MS Wrod doc referenced. Was it ever uploaded somewhere? Thanks.

Great webinar! Very informative. Two questions:

  1. As others have asked, where can I (we) find the agreement Geoff said he would make available?
  2. If everything needs to be “conspicuous,” how does anything stand out? Seems every clause needs to be bold, highlighted, boxed, shaded, etc. And if a clause is NOT "conspicuous,"can’t the plaintiff use the claim they didn’t think it was important because it wasn’t “conspicuous?”

Welcome to our forum, Gregory and Jim!..Enjoy! :smile:

Here ya go Gregory:

That’s an old contract, look at the date it states rev. Feb 2019

I know of no newer one, William.

Look at the url: https://www.nachi.org/newagreement.htm. or look through these:

I’m sure they don’t revise it yearly unless there is cause. Or, don’t use it at all.

Best to you.

By the way William, welcome to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile: