Client wants Pictures From Inspection

I disagree!

That would be an invasion of privacy for the home owner, in my opinion.

That’s how I look at it.

Not following how this is so.

If I cannot get to something I take a photo of the spot to show it. I’ve had seller disputing my claim of no access to electrical panel. Buyer was requesting qualified electrician look at it, seller refusing to pay saying I could’ve got to it.

My photo showed how that side of garage was completely blocked blocked with packed moving boxes from floor to ceiling, golf cart and shelving on the wall. Seller moved all boxes and shelving after request basically saying b.s to my claim.
Photos showed it and they paid

This is why I include all photos now. Personal belongings are in realtor photos in listing of property so I’m not doing anything differently

No, he was OCD. He said the report pictures were fuzzy. I have sent he the copies I used in the report.


All the “protection” you could possibly need is determined by the accuracy of your report - photo’s or not. Additional photo’s do not provide additional “protection.” If there’s something in the photo that could actually provide some level of “protection,” it should be in the report.

I understand that some of you inspect photo’s, instead of inspecting the residence, although I still can’t understand the reasoning behind this. So, I guess it makes sense to take hundreds of pictures for this type of inspection.

As for “invasion of privacy,” well forgive me, but that’s just silly. The only way this could become an issue is if you’re taking unnecessary and/or random pictures. So if you’re inspecting photo’s (rather than the residence), I guess this is a possibility :mrgreen:

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so putting 100+ pics in a report would make for an awful long report…

Just for the record, I inspect the house and the pics. No claims in over 13 years!:wink:

My process is just another option. I’m not saying one is “better” than the other, I just feel hundreds of pictures are unnecessary and provide nothing additional to the inspector or the client.

I’ve had one claim (in almost 13 years) and no amount of pictures would have prevented it.