Coaching Basketball

I am coaching my sons CYO 9th and 10th grade basketball and in a practice scrimmage yesterday I was 1 for 1 but turned the ball over 2 X in 5 minutes of play. My legs were all cramped up as I am out of shape.

What a great time it is to coach these young men.

I know some of you guys are involved in coaching and it is such a joy to be able to participate and I am looking forward to this season.

I have 11 boys and a good group!!

Please pray for me and the boys. (I need to stay calm and keep in mind it is about them, not always wining and acting properly).
I was a cannon (or a bomb waiting to go off) when I played, very athletic but out of control.

That sounds like fun, David. I hope you all enjoy yourselves. :slight_smile:

I relate better to kids and animals more so then adults, I was one of the guys for the football team and I was as fired up as them. Down on the field with the chains, up in the box spotting (I love High Schools sports)

I would have a bad day, talk to the star players about going and hitting someone for me (tackling), then I would fell better high fiving them!!

I even had the cheerleaders doing a cheer for me!!

I am going to try to enjoy this and I am going to sponsor a tournament.
I am paying scorekeepers and a referee for Mondays practice scrimmage against another Church.

Great for you .It is nice to see .
I live across from a ball diamond and see how many good people are helping the kids to do things .
They like you are helping to improve our future generation .
Thanks for doing this all the best… Roy

Thanks Roy, nice of you!! I hope you have a great Holiday!!
This activity makes the cold, long winters more enjoyable.

I think I’m all alone on my thinking on this one, and so can’t help you much.

I work with a lot of young people and so they get to see me in both business and sports. I see no connection between the two and so I try to be a living example to them of a person who is outrageously competitive in business, but plays sports for fun. In business, I simply must win and will do whatever it takes to win. In sports, I barely keep score and have just as much fun losing.

By doing this, the young people around me see the stark contrast in what I place importance on.

Now I take boxing somewhat seriously because losing often means that I get physically injured, but even then, I don’t mind losing. In fact, I mostly lose in the ring come to think of it. LOL

There are great correlations between business and sports. I coached high school baseball and soccer for 25 years. And worked with behaviorally challenged kids for 20 years. Easily, some of the best and most challenging parts of my life. Many of those experiences shaped who I am today. As a kid growing up, my coaches were my mentors which allowed me to thrive, get off the street enough to have a successful college career as well. Would be where I am today without sports, competition and the people I met along the way. The book Junction Boys (or the movie) is a great example of rising to the challenge of sport and going to successful careers in business.