Cold air return duct placement

Hello All!
I just finished a new construction home. It had 2 air returns in the master bedroom CLOSET with one heat/ac run. One cold up high and one mid on different walls but one return duct the high one just above and a foot over from the heat run. The one in the bedroom had two heat/ac runs with one return one foot over and level to one of the runs. The upstairs large open area between bedrooms had one heat duct and 4 return ducts. 2 of the 4 bedrooms had their return ducts in the ceiling…I am not a HVAC pro but is this ok?

I would be glad to help you but your descriptions makes no sense to me sounds to me like your a little confused or at least I am???

Supply and return next to each other is wrong.

I can’t make out anything else you said.

sorry. long day yesterday. It was just wrong. So no worries. I will let the Furnace guy and code guy take another look and tell me why?