Comfort Crawl Gloves. First two to reply win a pair. Merry Christmas.

Comfort Crawl Gloves

First two to reply wins.

Michelle the Elf will ship it to you.

Merry Christmas.

Bill Forrest
MSRE Home Inspection Services
3619 Rockport Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111-5715


Rich Figliolo
Mr Inspector Home Inspections LLC
Chesterfield, Mi 48051

Thank You


William and Rich each win a pair.

Merry Christmas fellas.

I’ll take it! Thanks

Urgh too slow I guess

Thank You Nick

Merry XmasHoward Kaufman
Tova Home Inspections


Good wishes

Crepps Home Inspection LLC

Yes, Please! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Yes please!

Skyler Phillips
P.O. Box 413
Bear River City, UT 84301

Jamie Green
WIN Home Inspection
(219) 670-8899

Interested, Merry Christmas!

1604 Beverly Rd
Forked River NJ 08731

I’m interested. Merry Christmas.

Patrick Rightmier
Superior Quality Home Inspections
Rome, New York