Coming soon: Certified Master Inspector commercials with Joe Theismann:

Certified Master Inspector®

When I was in elementary school in VA he signed are new gymnasium wall in his prime. Great guy! He still has a well established restaurant in Alexandria, VA I frequent often. Great move Nick.

Very Nice !!


Looking forward to Joe Theismann Certified Master Inspector commercials.
When CMI was posted from Time Square last year I received many calls.
Keep up the great work Nick. You’re the best!

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That’s awesome.

It has been up since January 4th. Check post above.

He just released an all-new one:

Nick, Vince, much thanks.

He put out a 4th video today:

I prefer the last one, #3. He narrates himself, a well know past sport and marketing brand, marking the Best Brand of Home Inspectors, CMI.

Eric creating these vidoes Nick?

He put out a 5th video ad today: