Coming Soon... InterNACHI Sewer Scope Inspection Training

Coming Soon… InterNACHI Sewer Scope Inspection Training

We’re setting up the pipes at the InterNACHI House of Horrors®, we’re scheduling upcoming hands-on classes with sewer scopes, we’re writing new online training content for members, and we’re presenting Sewer Scope Inspection Training at the 2018 Professional Inspectors Convention at Professional Inspectors Convention | InterNACHI’s Annual Convention

I’ll see you at the end of April.


Nice addition :slight_smile:


Can we get a sewer scope agreement also? One that covers when the sewer scope is subbed out?


Watch this video: Nick Gromicko - Nick Gromicko shared Ben Gromicko’s live… | Facebook

Yes. Great idea. We’ll have Legal Counsel Mark Cohen write up a customizable template in the free online agreement system for members at Free, Online, Signable Inspection Agreement System - InterNACHI


Just curious, in the video, I just see PVC and ABS.

Will there be cast iron, clay, orangeburg, etc?

Yes. We’re collecting various pipes, like concrete and clay also.


Thank you Ben.

And if you need an orangeburg sample, well, there is some under my driveway.

Feel free to come by and dig out any time. lol

This is great! I’m extremely stoked I would love to see it in Wellington two so I can attend or in-depth videos. I hope you go over types of equipment and maybe you could help me pick out something I can afford to start with I already have my domain name set up at - Registered at and Monta get started doing this for myself and other Home Inspection companies in my area right away. Thanks for your great service it is very appreciated.

Awesome! Ask and you shall receive!:smiley:

Can’t wait to go to Boulder for the class. (I can’t believe I just said I was excited to go to the People’s Republic of Boulder, PLEASE don’t tell my local Republican club! ) LOL!