Coming soon. Just staple your business card to it and make money.

i think this is a great idea, looking forward to seeing these come out soon. 2008 is going to be a big hit for my company, this will help in our local areas and with sendig out 3,000 letters in january, we are passing these out at the same time…:eek:

Thank You Nick…

Congrats, Nick.

I met with Jay Keany on Friday and boy does he have a surprise coming for all of you. I’m not keeping his secret: He’s building labels that go right in the bottom right hand corner, the labels are beautiful and contain each member’s contact information. Wait till you see them.

How do we order and what’s the cost?

Sent you a PM if you are still in this section

I’m ready to order my bundles!

Any up to the minute details about when they will be ready! Got a seminar I am putting on the 20th and this would fit in nicely!

I’m looking forward to this distribution.



Are these ready

2 more months…:wink:


Didn’t you get your bundle yet? I’ve been distributing my already and have received a lot of feedback from them!

Anybody else get them yet??

Not 1…

Were they actually shipped, or are you guys BSing?
I haven’t seen anything like this…:shock:

He’s pulling our chain…


:-;; -( Nope