Commercial pricing

Whats up with the pricing for commercial jobs in California. I quote the national average between .12 and .25 per sqft, which is what i learned from Dale. I keep loosing to the .05 per sqft guys. If you are getting the 12 to 25 cent price how are you swinging the client to your company from the low ballers. Maybe i am off if so tell me. I just lost a 48k sqft 3 story office complex. 12 suites with multiple offices in each suite. to a bit for $3000. 00

So you wanted to charge somewhere between $5,760.00 and $12,000.00?

Yes i was at 5700.00. HVAC was boilers and chillers. And thremal of the roof.

You have to start backwards with those kind of people propose your highest price and provide all that you give for said price then start down to a lower price and cut out some of the items you inspect you have to show them what they are missing not just what they are getting;-) some times they get it and some times they don’t. Its like throwing mud balls against the wall some stick some don’t

That’s a great strategy Charley! Awesome advice!

Thanks Charlie for the great tip on pricing. Pricing in Ontario has taken a big hit in last couple of years. I think it from everyone telling Home Inspectors to get into Commercial Inspections, and from the increase in competition, they have :slight_smile:

I see a huge issue with the commercial sector of our business. You have home inspectors doing commercial inspections with almost no clue how they are constructed or how everything works. Then they figure that they should price it like a home. Commercial inspections are a different beast all together. On most of my commercial projects I bring in the trades to inspect the electrical and HVAC. If the clients want I have a price to visually inspect these but most want it all. I educate my client so they know the difference. I average .35 on most office style buildings.