Common area contract needed

Just asking if anyone has a god NACHI based building common area only contract I could look over.

Not doing a reserve study , but am looking over all the building systems and components.

Need it right away.:neutral:

Looking for the commercial version with riders, possibly.

I am just going to use the NACHI Commercial agreement,but anyone have issues with it?

Delete; see below.

InterNACHI’s commercial property inspection contract covers this.

Is there something in particular that you think is needed?

Just laziness.

I called the building contact and added exhibit A rider language based on expectations of the client and reference also to State SOP, with some items listed as discretion of Inspector based on access.

Just was looking for a good general Language as I was in a hurry.
The NACHI agreement is fine and what I used Nick.

Yet another benefit of membership.:wink:

Is that a 4 unit apt building? I got a call today and was told that the buyer was getting quotes for $400-$450 to do the inspection. I laughed at him and told him to go for it before I hung up on him.:stuck_out_tongue:

Do you really hang up on prospective clients?

Absolutely, what would you charge for a 4 unit building Mike?

The fee is not the issue IMO. It is the hanging up part. IMO it seems that if you gave them an explanation about the pricing and maybe said “I m sorry I can not help you, but give me a call if you need anything, thank you for your interest”. Or something to that effect, you may get the job at your price or even a referral from that person because you were helpful and respectful. Hanging up on someone is not respectful.

No I did not get that call as this is 18 units.
Actually I as always let them know that if there are unknown water intrusion issues I would refer a cheap IR guy,so of course put you on speed dial.:slight_smile:

Linus ,do you really think doing the common area only for a 4 unit building is cheap at $450 ?

You would be looking at what?

What would you charge?:smiley:
Tell the truth now:p

You might open a panel,have no furnace,no HWH,no appliances,one 6’ by 6’ vestibule,2 sets of stairs,and need to walk your extension ladder up the back porch to the hatch.


He is Joking Mike

I think:shock:

What is low priced is me going and doing a walkthrough of the Watertower Place yesterday for $65.
Got some nice pictures for the scrapbook though.

Trying to get an inspection for a fraction of what I would charge is not respectful. Next time I get a disrespectful call like that, do you want me to give them your number so they can have someone nice to talk to? I try to keep unnecessary, nonproductive cell phone calls to less than one minute. JMHO HAND;)

Part of being in business is dealing with what you perceive as disrespectful clients. Your job is to get them to pay you for your services. Maybe if you talk to them and explain what they get for your price and they perceive that your service is a better value or you seem more educated than the other guy, they may still hire you, even if you charge more. Ultimately it is up to you, it is your business.

All of this is just my opinion.

Thanks for the advice Mike. How’s business? I see you also joined the ranks of Chuck and Corey.

What are those guys up to ?

Have not heard about Chuck in a long time.
Last time I saw him he was teaching a CE class at the State Association convention.

Business is good. Do you mean being in NICASHI as joining the ranks? I have been in NICASHI since I started HI, but I did not join the ASHI national.

We are trying to figure out a way to kick your butt and you not know it is us.;-). How is the new vehicle working out for you Bob?

It is still running though I need time to go in for a few minor issues.
Hope your health is better as I am having a few issues on my own.

Get out there and inspect.

You should be getting lots of calls with that site.

Which site? I have 2. I just got back from an inspection in Western Springs. My health is better, thanks for asking. I hope yours is not serious. Did you go to the meeting last night? I couldn’t make it, my daughter was in her school play.

Bob. If you are doing an 18 unit building I would NOT use a commercial inspection agreement. This is residential not commercial.

Common misunderstanding, a rumor probably started by Realtors, is that anything over 4 units is commercial. This is NOT correct and you could get yourself in trouble.

As long as there are no real estate contracts in force, it is not, strictly, a “home inspection” under Illinois law, it is a consultation.

Hope this helps;