Common mold under the sink......what is the write up?

The common mold that gets on the back of the drywall under the sink
from water splashing and coming thru the sprayhead. etc…

A licensed plumber comes in and fixes the sink so it no longer leaks
under the sink…I come in and see the dead mold on the drywall.

What is the solution? Can it be treated then painted over? Or does
the drywall have to be replaced. What is a good write up?


Clean as needed. Paint with Kilz.

Mold or Mildew?

What Steve said, unless there is enough Mold left to make me a good sandwich with…if so, give me a call, I haven’t had a good ole Mold sandwich since I visited Toxic-James in Missouri—:stuck_out_tongue:

If surface mildew, clean, Kilz-it, call it a day…but tell the client to do what they think is best, so nobody is waking up in the morning to a Process Server–:smiley:

Just make sure you use the right M word (mold or Mildew)

Organic growth

Visible organic growth consistent with mold was observed in (( )) and other areas. The underlying cause is moisture. No visible water intrusion at time of inspection. Determining whether the material observed poses a health risk is outside the scope of this inspection. Recommend eliminating conductive conditions (source of excessive moisture) to prevent further growth and test further if deemed necessary. An Indoor Environmental Professional should be consulted for evaluation and to determine correct course of action if desired. Be aware that improper removal procedures can actually be detrimental to the indoor air quality.

Basic mold cleanup stepsand more related information from the E.P.A.

This is probably more than you need in your case, but better safe than sorry.

Remove the food source. The paper is the food, remove it and spray with KILZ.
If there are spots in the core of the drywall remove it completely.

The IICRC S520 needs to be followed. A lot of times there is a considerable amount of mold behind the base cabinet. Air testing will be needed to be done to determine how much area needs to be cleaned.
In otherwords, refer it to a professional just as Chris says.

Scenerio #1 … “Impressing the used house salesman for future referrals” … play it down.

Scenerio #2 … “Helping the economy by encouraging unnecessary spending on elaborate tests” … play it up.

Scenerio #3 … “Providing a complete, accurate and unbiased inspection report” … report the finding as you observed it and let the buyer decide what action to take.

Remember, the identification of “mold” and its presence is outside the scope of a home inspection.

Thanks for this verbiage Chris… This covers the condition completely.
I love that link for basic mold cleanup.


Thank you Mr. Bushart.

Thank you Steve…

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Im going to save the thread and use the
info. as I need it.

Mr. Bushart,
Your scenerio’s 1 & 3 are good, but #2, I feel you are mistaken.
Scenerio #2 … “Helping the economy by encouraging unnecessary spending on elaborate tests” … play it up.
Its only unnecessary if the clients health is not a concern.

Great pamplet here,