Concrete beam

This is a poured concrete beam above the bottom chord of the roof trusses at the attic. It runs from the right side to the left side of the attic. House is the right side unit of a duplex. Anyone know what this is or could be installed for?

could it be an inadequate fire-resistant wall separation of the two units?

Looks like they may have used mortar/concrete to cap the open centers of cinder/concrete blocks. The wall still should extend to the roof sheathing (as previously illustrated) to give the fire protection required in most areas.

Would it not have to protrude the attic space. ( firewall ) and higher than the roofing element by 8" or code complaint for that jurisdiction Mr. Adair?
CMU would achieve the same effect.

Could it be a H beam uncased in concrete?
Is the unit partially metal post and beam with wood construction?

For the concrete to be strong, no flexion shear, deflection, ect, it would need re-bar.
Why above the cord?
It makes little sense for strength to weight and size ratio as compared to alternative materials. IE; Engineered lumber, H beam, laminated beam even full lumber.

So as Barry points out it is not a true separation of the units. The drawing shows to the roof but I know what Robert V is talking about as far as “fire code” of individual units. The design can also be to the roof with fireproof sealant and one sheet of X type drywall against the separation wall between the trusses. This is not described in the picture.

What ever it is I don’t think it has anything to do with fire separation.

The wall between the units looks to be in photo 4 in the distance.

They will have a fun time trying to separate this unit with the wrong truss design if the AHJ requires it.

Agree Mike. Some people just don’t pay attention to what the OP stated in the first post. This is a side-to-side Duplex, not an apartment or other multi-family structure. The alledged seperation shown would be an inappropriate design for the stated structure. Furthermore, the OP stated it is a beam, not a wall. I suspect the OP can tell the difference between the two! :stuck_out_tongue:

If indeed it is a beam it makes no sense and we will have to wait for OP!
I have seen units divided up to the top chord with no separation between older duplexes in my area. The attic hatch in the 4th picture shows the wall in the background as Michael stated so this may be a beam.
All I ever find is an incomplete CMU wall or separation.

Probably a correct further observation, Mr. Larsen.

Could the “concrete beam” actually be light weight concrete encasing a conduit or vent pipe from the other unit and has been required by the AHJ for fire protection purposes?,+tallahassee,+fl&hl=en&ll=30.43047,-84.209669&spn=0.000037,0.015492&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.922255,63.457031&vpsrc=0&hnear=1210+Copper+Creek+Dr,+Tallahassee,+Florida+32311&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=30.43034,-84.209661&panoid=UF8mgcafNEm4oLg8p__3ow&cbp=12,302.59,,0,4.31

This is the duplex. The house on the right is the one in question. The beam runs from right to left in the attic. It is not a firewall.

To help hold the building down when the next hurricane passes through. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you find out what it is for?

I am going to say ducting that was noisy.
Covered with a self leveling grout to quiet the expansion and contraction.

Look at the photo number one.
There is an metal tie on the ceiling joists that goes under the rectangular encased object in question…
All the ceiling joists have the metal ties on top of them only covered with insulation hiding them.

Its not about creditability or Some people just don’t pay attention to what the OP stated in the first post.
Threads have a life of there own.
I have seen many residential building project start off as one thing only to be architecturally changed for any number of reasons.
**Finances and bad planing **with mismanagement are number one.
If the code or municipal inspector passed it then it is good to go.

Final resting place for the prior owner’s exotic, endangered, 20 foot long pet anaconda named “Hoffa”.