Condensation/Moisture in home & attic

The home is a single story woodframe home with wood double pane windows. There is a dirt crawlspace with a poorly installed vapor barrier. The attic has some old blown in insulation less than R30. Every window with exception of maybe 1 or 2 had condensation and puddling on the inside (inside home not between glass). This is from high moisture/humidity levels in the home? What would be a typical cause as well as possible remedy? The heating system is a newly installed Quietside boiler (radiant floor).

Also had the bathroom fan spit out water when I turned it on. I believe thats because it doesn’t vent to the exterior it goes into a dryer vent in the attic but has like a 3-4 climb and hangs over a collar tie. So I figure moisture is collecting in it and of the fan spitting it out when turned on?

The attic also has frost in all 4 corners of the home like 12x12 spot (the attic only has a gable vent at each end). Would this be from cold air leaking in at these specific areas? He questioned a remedy I didn’t want to give advice where I am no expert so I stated I would put in my report to discuss with a qualified roofer.

I am trying to get away from always falling back on that statement so I put myself out here for feedback or thoughts. Are these issues possibly all tied together?

The home needs better sealing between the living area and the attic .

And better humidity control. An energy auditor would be more beneficial than calling a roofer.