Congratulations to the 5 Free Website Winners, plus 20 bonus prizes

Grassfrog Technologies is pleased to congratulate the following winners of the free web sites which were given away during the NACHI Convention:

Dennis Fackler
Fackler Home Inspection
Riverview, Florida

Jim Falor
Falor Home Inspection Services
Jacksonville, Florida

Donald Hammer
Hammer Time Home Inspections
Dade City, Florida

Jeff Judy
Examination Services
Columbus, Ohio

James Lively
A-Plus Home Inspections LLC
Shady Cove, Oregon

Each of these winners will receive free web site setup, free logo integration into their choice of website templates, a free training session on how to use their web site’s built-in content management system, and 6 months of free web site hosting from Each prize is valued at over $260.

We had so many entrants into this contest that we also pulled an additional 20 names from the bucket, and are giving each of these winners their choice of $50 off their website setup or 1 hour of free search engine optimization services for their existing website. Each prize is valued at $50. If you are on this list, please contact me with your choice of prizes.

All winners will also be notified via email and will have up to 90 days to redeem their awards.

  1. Steve Rosenbaum, Insight Inspections
  2. Edward Woods, All Florida Construction
  3. Scott Snyder, Caveat Emptor Home Inspections
  4. J.D. Johnson, AA Real Estate Inspections
  5. Chris Matteson, Home Inspect, Inc.
  6. John Redmond, Redmond Home Inspections
  7. M.M. Shah Kamal, North America Home & Building Inspection Services
  8. Joseph Higgins, CPIS Incorporated
  9. Todd Flaro, Accurate Home Inspection
  10. Bud Davis, Davis Home Inspections
  11. Thomas Benard, Ducks Unlimited
  12. Greg Bell, Bell Inspection Service
  13. Ed Demaris, Buckeye Home Inspection Services LLC
  14. Sean O’Brien, GVK Home Inspections Ltd.
  15. Roy Cooke, Roy’s Home Inspection
  16. Tony Merced, TM Home Inspection Inc.
  17. Chuck Michaels, Academy Home Inspections
  18. Rick Gower, Homecrafters Residential Inspections
  19. Mike Ramos, Preventive Measures Home Inspections
  20. Steve Taylor, Taylor Inspection Services

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners.


Roberta Dulay
Grassfrog Technologies

Thanks Roberta… great prizes!

Very nice!

Thanks Roberta and all of Grassfrog Technologies!


I think the recent NACHI Convention had more door prizes than any other inspection event ever.

So many.

There have been more benefits to joining NACHI than I can count.

I only wish I’d been able to get to the convention. I joined right before it started. Oh well. I guess there is always next year. Have to start my special piggy bank fund. :wink:

Wendy, set 1 inspection a month aside.

Roberta, great work! it’s definitely an incentive, getting one of your websites!


That’s a great idea Russ! Thanks!

You guys are so helpful. :slight_smile:

Call it your own Christmas Club account, Wendy!

In what year did the child protection code for pools begin?

Larry, the best way to get an accurate response to a question would be to find the area on the Board that deals with it best.

This topic thread is not likely to attract people who will provide you with the answer you need.

Consider going to
and creating a new post there.

Hope this helps -

Wendy, we actually opened up this contest to anyone, not just attendees. Another great reason to keep an eye on the NACHI boards, since that’s where you’ll hear about stuff like this.

We also give away a free web site at every chapter meeting we attend, so keep an eye on the events page to find a meeting near you.



Yea it was good but we missed you. I look froward to next year.:cool:

So what happen to my truck My F-150 the red one?

The convention, vendor exibits and classes were very awesome and very much appreciated. The problem I had with giving out the door prizes was that it was at 3:15 PM on Wednesday - while classes were going on. Last year the winner had to be present to win and I assume it was the same this year. So the people in class missed the drawing.

I’m just glad the tickets I bought on Saturday night went to a good cause. Next year the door prizes need to be given away at a time that no classes are scheduled.

But again, the convention was great and I recommend it for everyone next year - but I never saw the free nachos or the Nacho Twins.