Construction Type or Defect

I have seen decks built like this more than once and don’t care for it. I didn’t think that the beam should rest across the joists. Then the joists are toe nailed to the beam. The posts are resting on the ground and besides the joists nails, there is nothing keeping the beam from raking. I also would think that with the load on the joists, the joists would rotate. What do you think?

Multi level cantilever deck.
Rotted wood.
Poor connections.
Missing bracing of any type.

Looks like that one has reached its expiration date anyway.

It is certainly a senior citizen!
It has withstood the test of time:D


Not following you on this, you don’t think the floor joists should be perpendicular to the support beams?

Has gone beyond it’s useful life expectancy without repairs.
Time for replacement. :wink:

With all due respect and recognition of your CMI status, I disagree.

From the two photos provided, I see only one structural member that appears to be compromised. The major support beam and the rim joists do not seem to be sagging. I see some dirty lumber, but it looks as though the decking may have been replaced in the not-too-distant past. Hard to tell with the photos as dark as they are.

I do see a joist that looks like a bear has been chewing on it, so that’s definitely in need of repair. Also, the end of the beam is weathered and should be sealed to prevent future deterioration, but I am not seeing anything that would lead me to conclude this structure is unsound. Old, yes.

I would imagine you have more experience in this area than I, and I am certainly open to learning more about why you feel the structure is in need of replacement.

Chances are with the little we see it needs repairs or replacement.