Consumer needs help with missing insulation.

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[FONT=Arial]I could’nt figure out how to post a question on your site and I’m not sure if this is where I would ask a question but I’m sure you can direct me to the right person if it isn’t. My problem is that the builder of my Michigan cottage mistakenly forgot to put insulation into the rim joist between the first and second floor. I am having awful ice damming so we had him come out to take a look and he admitted that he did not insulate that area. Now we are trying to figure out the best way to insulate that area with the least amount of destruction. My fir st thought is to remove the drywall from the ceiling around the perimeter of the house and insulate with fiberglass but someone else suggested if I am to open up that area to use the spray foam insulation as it will perform much better. Another thought was to make holes in the ceiling and use cellulous insulation the mess would be drastically reduced but I’m not sure how one would be able to tell if the insulation is filling the cavity appropriately. If someone could shine some light on this I would be most grateful.[/FONT]

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How do you get ice damming between floors?

A good link for foam insulation:

Good link for cellulose insulation install:


Ice damming has nothing to do with missing rim joist insulation between floors.

Ice damming issues are usually the result of excess heat entering the attic from the living space below. This is usually ‘cured’ by eliminating all sources of heat infiltration into the attic by sealing all holes from wires, chases, chimneys, vents, pipes, doors, lights and other openings into the attic.

Improving attic ventilation can likewise help.

Adding the missing insulation may have little to no cost-to-benefit ratio at this point in the game, and simply cost a lot of money without providing any real measurable energy savings.

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