Consumer Reports recommends NACHI members and tells where to find them.

Hi Nick,

Congratulations that is a very serious piece of marketing for our members. :nachi:



Good news. NACHI’s star is rising.

AWESOME! Makes me proud to be a part of NACHI.

Good recommendation for NACHI inspectors.

4 million copies.
x 3% Potential Home Buyers
= 120,000 new customers
divide by 50 states
= 2400 new inspection per state
divided by 1000 inspectors in Texas (my state)
= 24 new inspections
divided by 12 months
= 2 new inspection a month
50% error ratio
= 1 new inspection a month

I will make approx. $3600 p/year off this ad.
Thanks NACHI.

I see these things when I read.


That’s a .45 ACP at 100 yards without the benefit of a Mech-Tech carbine conversion.

Way TF go. Dead bullseye, Nick. Perhaps the greatest coup of the year.

Handy having Pueblo so close to Boulder. Sometimes I wish I was still in Colo.

Put me down for 1,000 copies. I’ll flood Coeur d’Alene realtors with them.

Then I’ll ask for 2k copies to help out our buds in Spokane, next door.

This is what I love about NACHI. Nick’s the greatest freakin’ wildcard in anyone’s deck!


Can we use the Consumer Report logo on our web site and
tell people that NACHI inspectors are recommended?

Very good news, very good publicity! :smiley:

As with Angie’s List, the BBB, and other consumer orgs - I would suspect use of the Comsuer Reports logo is probably seriously restricted and not allowed. A link to an article, however, would probably be appropriate.

I stand corrected - you cannot use even the content in any advertising, in any form:

We accept no advertising and we are not beholden to any commercial interest. Our income is derived from the sale of Consumer Reports and other publications and information services, and from noncommercial contributions, grants, and fees. Published information from Consumers Union, including our Ratings and Reports, is intended solely for the benefit of our subscribers and other consumers, in order to help them make informed choices and decisions about consumer products, services, and other consumer matters. Such information may not be used by others in advertising or to promote a company’s product or service. In addition, this policy precludes any commercial use of any of Consumers Union’s published information in any form, or of the names of Consumers Union®, Consumer Reports®, or any other of Consumers Union’s publications or services, without our express written permission. If Consumers Union learns that this policy has been violated, it will take all steps necessary to prevent the misuse of its names or of any of its materials, including legal action where appropriate.

No and they are very strong on this . They are completely at arms length from any advertising . I do think you can find it on their web site .
Enjoy the info abuse it and be prepaired to be embarrassed big time .


That would be MOST excellent if that is possible…most of the time when Consumer Digest awards someone or a product you can use their logo…not sure in this case…Nick would have to find that out I guess.

What ya say NICK…?

Roy…on the Pet side of my business ventures…one of my competitors uses the seal from them…as well as many others if awared the consumers best buy…I dont think this is a best buy so you may be right…

Paul, this is not up to Nick.

The post I made is a direct citation from the Consumer Reports website and indiactes that you cannot even use the content of the piece to promote a business or service in any way.


no…I was not saying that…I was saying nick would need to ask them I guess…

I was refering to the Consumer Best Buy seal many people use on their products when awarded a BEST BUY from them…thats all.

Maybe Consumer Digest and Consumer Reports are different…probably are…lol…I never had a product win a consumers best buy anyway…sad to say

Even if we can’t use it for direct marketing, a promotion by Consumer Reports is good stuff! :slight_smile:

Is it against the law for Nick to post this news item
on the forum? I don’t think so.

Is it against the law for me to post a link to the
NACHI link that Nick posted? I don’t think so.

Help me if I am wrong. I will not post the logo
for now… but will wait and see what we hear.

This is a big endorsement and NACHI should be
blowing it from the house top.

I put the following text on my web site with
a link to the news link that Nick provided:

** NEWS: “Consumer Reports®”
Recommends NACHI Inspectors

NACHI doing anything that could be construed as advertising, or commericial use of the content is - by my reading of the Consumer Reports policy - not allowed.

Posting the like on your website may be construed as “any commercial use” - but that is a conversation I would first have with Consumers Reports, or an attorney.

Finally, I think it is noteworthy that using phrases like “endorsement” and “approved” by Consumers Reports are not completely accurate. The article says that Nick says “blah, blah, blah” and may be construed as recommending the idea of an inspection as a cost saving tip. At no point does Consumer Reports endorse NACHI specficially (as, for example, they rate one brand of blender over another make).

So, while this is a nice marketing piece - I think it’s effectiveness lies primarily (if not entirely) in however many of these are sent out and read by potnetial clients. Still, a nice placement.

John - do as you like, but I think the use of the consumer reports name is expressly forbidden and the note that they recommend NACHI inspectors is not only incorrect, but also exactly what the intent of this policy is written to forbid.

In addition, this policy precludes any commercial use of any of Consumers Union’s published information in any form, or of the names of Consumers Union®, Consumer Reports®, or any other of Consumers Union’s publications or services, without our express written permission.


I think you might be mistaken Consumers Report is completely arms length from all .
They have secret shoppers who buy the stuff and test it .
There is an organization Called Consumers Union I Think thats the name,they are advertising supported and they do let people think they are the testing agency .
Wrong they are not and any one with enough money can get their name in this group .
Money to Consumers Report only gets you a membership and their monthly Book.
Go To and read .
Been a member for every it seems .
Roy Cooke