Cooktop, flexline, pan storage

I read something about storing pans in the cabinet with the flex line exposed. What would be the correct responce to put in my reprot? What would be the correct fix in this case?

It might not be pretty, but there’s probably not much of a hazard. Those connectors are fairly strong…I think you can stand on one and not damage it. Unless it penetrates a wall (which would be prohibited) I probably would not say anything. If you want to call it out, a solution would be to extend the rigid pipe.

IMO The Gas line should not be run through the shelf like that.

Hard pipe straight up from the penetration then flex, would be how I would install it if I wanted that shelf in there.

See that all the time. (not thru the rack though, usually back of a drawer). Looks like the way the cord and flex line is running by the wall that the flex might be going thru the cabinet. Is the cooktop connected in this same cabinet?

This is 100% not allowed.
Here is what Dormont the worlds largest manufacturer has to say about this subject.

To avoid corrosion, DO NOT allow connector to come in contact with foreign objects such
as wall studs, electrical wiring, copper or iron pipe, paneling, sheet metal, etc.

Connectors are designed for occasional movement after installation. Not for use on castered
equipment. Repeated bending, flexing or extreme vibration will cause metal fatigue and
must be avoided.

• When installing a new appliance or when an existing appliance is moved to
a new location a NEW gas connector must be used per manufacturer’s
installation instructions and per product standards ANSI Z21.24/CSA 6.10
and ANSI Z21.75/CSA 6.27.
• Not suitable for moveable installations. Not NSF certified
• Avoid repeated bending, flexing, or extreme vibration. Do not use on
portable gas generators due to excessive vibration

In light of Bob’s quote, I would write it up.

Well Bob, that just about sums it all up…:wink: