Copper discoloration

Any reason why copper piping would turn light in a crawl space?
Thanks for any input.

DSCF3961 (Small).JPG

DSCF3961 (Small).JPG

DSCF3961 (Small).JPG

It looks used. maybe left outside in the weather.

Some sort of fumes could be from critter pee or storage of some car chemicals .

It looks a bit like the color that copper flashing develops when exposed to the weather, which is caused by algae, I believe. Would water vapor in the crawl space be a possible cause?

Doesn’t copper kill algae?

The copper pipe in the crawlspace will turn that color no matter what. Seen it inside the home under kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks. I mostly see this in homes with private wells. I figure it just condensate. Conditioned space or not. Small leak will do the same. Recommend water sampling to determine potability and mineral content. If the Boron content is high, the copper pipes will deteriorate in no time.


Wow Erik thanks I learned something new about the process.

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