Copper Pipe Flux Corrosion

I’m seeing more and more of this types of corrosion on the cooper water pipes. I generally see corrosion at the soldered joints and at hangers/supports and more so with older homes in the 70’s/80’s. Very rarely do I see actual leaks from these locations and know its only a matter of time.

I’m curious how you guys are writing this up without causing alarm but at the same time letting buyer know this is something he needs to pay attention to. Looking for improvements to my narrative.

“Basement, I saw heavy corrosion and a build-up of mineral deposits on the copper water pipe in several locations today. This is an indication the piping is failing and may leak at anytime. There was no active leaks at time of inspection. I recommend further evaluation and correction by qualified and licensed plumber to help prevent water damage to personal items and structure if leak should occur.”

Here is a pretty good reference for Cause Of Corrosion in Copper pipe.

The first one is of no consequence, the second photo is a leak which has sealed itself up. I generally recommend any previous leakage be disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled as I cannot guarantee it will not begin leaking at any moment. Additionally, corrosion is not considered an adequate repair for a leak so even if it has corroded itself shut it is still defective.

The copper/galvanized contact will also heighten the corrosion at a pinhole leak like the one in your second picture.