Corrosion question at burn chamber...

What would cause this corrosion on this unit in this location only? The house is less than 15yrs old. I saw nothing visually wrong anywhere else.

was there a cat litter box near the unit


Burn gas and you get three things, heat, carbon dioxide and water. If you install a furnace that is too large (bigger is NOT always better) it doesn’t run long enough to burn off the condensation that forms when the furnace is cold. Similar to the reason short trips are harder on cars than long trips.

great reminder thanks… Roy

There is nothing wrong there either.

Acid. A combustion byproduct.

I don’t think so…

Not enough heat at the burner port to evaporate water? Try sticking your finger on there after it has been running for 30 sec. Let me know how that works out for you.

The Air Conditioner (if you have one) during the summer works with the acid of Natural/LP gas. It is cool enough for condensation in the cooling cycle but not heating.

Thank You for all the input it is appreciated!!!

??? you may want to review how air conditioners work. And chemistry while we are at it.

I agree that there is nothing to be overly concerned about though.

This must be the NACHI Joke of the Week thread! :shock:

So NOx doesn’t produce Acid Rain up there in Canada?