Cost per window inspection

Had call today for window only inspection; what is typically charged. It is a 24 unit condo building with 7 windows per unit-168 total. Any input appreciated. Thanks.

George Hamilton

You need to define what the inspection includes, and what the client expects from this process, and why they want the inspection.

New windows, inspected post-install?
Old windows, leaking water?

Exterior and interior?
Building height?
Cladding type?
Access to all the units?
Are you qualified to inspect windows?

Lots to digest.


168 x ? = mucho dinero

Maybe a window specialist would be a better person?

I’m not saying you can’t but, like Dominic pointed out, there is lots to digest. And, I don’t know your qualifications.

Good luck.


Sell it as, ‘Fenestrations.’ Surrounding envelope. 24 units x 10 minutes per unit. 4 hours minimum.
I be in for up to $2,400.00. $100,00 per unit.

Don’t expose yourself to needless liability.

Just my 2 cents.

Sounds like a fire drill, can’t even WAG at it without first knowing who is responsible for access.

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How old is the condo, Outside or inside, casement, single hung double hung, thermo or single pane, openable or painted shut. Vinyl or wood? Lots can happen to windows. Condo units sometimes use cheap windows, Whose are they the association or the individual ? Replace or repair?