Crack near steel I beam on side of house/middle of wall

Hi, Just wanted to essentially get a “3rd” opinion if possible. I understand it’s pretty much impossible to definitively diagnose the severity of a crack online, but I guess I’m just wondering from your experience if anyone can give some feedback. I attached some pictures of a crack near the middle I beam pocket in my basement utility room. There doesn’t seem to be much movement, the sides of the crack are pretty even. I had 2 home inspectors out prior to purchase - who both agreed that it is a typical shrinkage crack that you’d probably find in any of the homes in the area. The house has sold 6 times since it was built, so I’m guessing that it’s had other home inspections that deduced the same thing as well. I might have a structural engineer come look just for piece of mind - but I’m wondering if I am overly concerned. The crack goes through the wall and can be seen from the outside. There is no cracking in the floor. No leakage or anything, so I guess my question is - should I fill it with something or just leave it alone unless it starts leaking? There is are some other hairline cracks on this side of the wall also.

Both inspections advised that all the cracks were typical shrinkage and if I’m worried to simply fill them with epoxy. They both said they’ve been doing inspection in my area for years and if I went into most basements I’d see roughly the same type of cracking in most of them.

Thanks of any feedback you can provide!

I couldn’t upload the pictures for some reason - so here is a link to my flickr photo stream:

Solid concrete walls will crack due to shrinking. The pocket has created a stress riser at the corner, so the cracking will show up there at the weakest point. Monitor the crack, and if gets bigger than 1/16", consult a foundation contractor or PE. Seal the inside and outside as directed.


So have someone seal with with epoxy or is there something better to use? It’s never leaked a drop of water however there is a little effloresence (sp?) around it in a spot of two.

I was concerned it was compromising the capacity of the beam in some way, however I’m not very versed on how the weight is distributed throughout foundations. Thanks again!

I grew up in a foundation family. From the insignificance of the crack and the fact you’ve already had 2 inspectors tell you its not significant AND from what I saw in your pics, my guess is you’re just the type of person that likes to worry. If it will make you feel better get a competent foundation contractor to look at it.