Cracked Collar tie near rafter ..need advise

Attic appear ok, except for a cracked collar tie. The crack
was where the tie was nailed to the rafter…How should
I write it up…what recommendations.


Collar tie at location #### is cracked. Recommend repair by qualified person.

It was hard to tell by the pic, but when I blew it up, seem to be only split at the end at the top edge. Looked like less than 1/2 inch and I wouldn’t be concerned with it. Couldn’t see how many nails other than the one at the split.

Is that a 1x6 collar? I know the IRC states 1 (inch) x 4 (inch) minimum. We all know that a 1x isn’t 1 inch and just wonder if others call that out or not.

its a 1 by 6…and the other ties were fine. Should I recommend a repair?
Could someone say…the inspector should have noted it.

No harm in mentioning I suppose. As far as structurally, no issue (imo).

The only thing that I would’ve written up is the nails. They require a minimum of (2) 8 penny nails on each end. If they only used 2 and the 1 that was nailed high and split is now not performing its intended function. :slight_smile:



David, collar ties have to be installed in the upper third of the roof. This doesn’t look like it qualifies. Rafter ties… even more structurally important than collar ties… should be installed as low as possible. These things seemed to be installed about halfway, meaning that it’s a lack of knowledge on the part of whoever installed it.

Check out the Mastering Roof Inspection series on the NACHI web site. It has an article that explains this clearly.