Cracking in new home concrete slab

Hello and an advanced “thank you” for all your expertise.
We are building a new home in northern
Florida and inspected our slab just hours after the pour (see pics). A few days passed and more cracks appeared. As we are definitely NOT experts on this subject, should we be concerned about all the cracks? The foreman said to not be concerned as the cracks were not near supporting parts of the structure. We are also wondering about future problems like moisture from the ground and possibly termites.
I’m only allowed to post one photo as a new user, but have 6-7 showing cracks. The worst is inserted here.

All input is greatly appreciated!!
Thank you.

Not what I would expect to see in a newly poured slab. I would have a second opinion and quote done by a qualified contractor for replacement.

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Kirt, your website doesn’t appear working:

I suspect in Florida the weather was too hot to pour concrete in the first place and the contractor added water to the mix to speed up the finishing.

Plastic shrinkage - Caused by the loss of water by evaporation from the surface of newly laid concrete or by suction of dry concrete underneath . At the surface, plastic shrinkage occurs when the rate of evaporation exceeds the rate of bleeding.


Daniel, what was the weather conditions on the day of the inspection and the few days after?

Hello Randy. It was mostly sunny and in the 90s. Similar weather the days after with some occasional rain.
Thank you for your assistance!

Daniel, See this link:
Hot Weather Concrete

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The foreman may be correct, but that is a lot of cracking for green concrete. You should get an arms-length opinion. Maybe even a structural engineer’s assessment.

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Post tension cable slab cracks?
Cracks more often occur during curing because the concrete generates heat and expands during the chemical process and shrinks as it cools. Because there is not yet tension on the tendon cables there is no reinforcement to hold the foundation together and cracks often occur during this period of time.

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