Cracks / Splits in Roof Support Studs

Hello, we are looking at buying a new house currently under construction and have just noticed that one of the 8x8(?) vertical support studs (posts) has an unusual amount of cracking on one side (all sides have cracking more representative of that found in the rest of the house).

The cracks run the full length of the stud, although a single crack does not run the full length. The stud is ~20ft tall.

The cracks vary in length but generally 2-3ft long, but what caught our eye is the width (~3mm) and depth (~1")

This is a non-symmetrical/staggered vaulted ceiling construction and this is one of the studs supporting a roof ridge beam (three studs total for this beam). There is a 2nd ridge beam at the actual apex of the roof.

From perusing this site and others this seems like the cracks are expected and are most likely drying related.

Other than cosmetic, when is there an actual structural concern? This is in a snow zone. The fact that one of the cracks comes out of the bracing is also concerning us.

I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures, this site is currently saying I’m not allowed to for some reason …


Google wood checking for more information…usually not a concern.

Yep, agree…:slight_smile:

Generally, it’s the compression strength that is of concern in which case the checking should not be of much consequence… If it’s mortised and tenon (braces/collar ties) check that the mortise (pocket) isn’t compromised.