Crazy Housing Prices!

I’m visiting friends in Oakland and the house next door sold recently for 1.3 million.

Does this look like it’s worth that?
Not in great shape and an ok neighborhood.
I don’t get it!

Bought by a couple of 20 something dot commers of course.
Sorry its sideways. Fixed it but still comes out sideways!

I’ve seen houses the size of a one car garage go for over a million in some parts of California.

Buy a couple, eh?

There ya go:

As any Real Estate will say: location, location, location!

I have inspected small 2 bed room one bath houses that were falling apart and selling for $400K. Welcome to California.

I’m glad I live in a reasonably priced town!

850 SF condo in Tiburon, Ca went for $1.25M
Yes welcome to the Bay Area…

I have inspected tear down condition homes in Silicon Valley going over 800,000.

There are empty lots priced over $1M here.