Crouse Hinds panel rejection by realtor/insurance

“We are switching homeowners’ insurance providers, and they have told us that Crouse-Hinds electric panels are fire hazards, they won’t insure us unless/until we get it replaced (we could also have a certified electrician document that it is safe, but those I called said they will not do that as they are all considered hazardous). I just wanted to share that in case you happen to see anyone else with the same brand of panel, you may want to advise them that some insurance providers will not cover it without certified documentation and/or repair/change-out.”

I’ve never heard this? Any thoughts"

Tell them to shop another insurance company. I’ve not heard Crouse panels were on the ever expanding “naughty list”.


I agree with Dominic there are some panels that are know to be problematic but Crouse-Hinds isn’t one of them that have ever heard of. Do you have a model number for the panel?


What year was the panel manufactured, John. OCPD should be replaced every 30 to 40 years.

Crouse-Hinds Electric Company, a manufacturer of high grade electrical specialties, was established in 1897 in Syracuse, New York. They later shortened their name to Crouse-Hinds Company and beginning in the early 1920s specialized in the manufacture of traffic signals, controllers and accessories.

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business is the world’s leading provider of electrical and instrumentation products for harsh and hazardous environments.

Looks like the insurance company is sharp on equipment.

That electrical service panel is in the same category as FP or Zinco with some Electrical Contractors and some will overhaul or service it and others will not even go near those type of Electrical Service Panels, making the Home Inspectors job difficult to report of the service panel as to the safety issues unless he or she is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor himself, some of the Cross Hinds Service Panels doing the 1950’s had stab lock circuit breakers.


1950’s home

Great information!!!

Unfortunately no label was on the panel … here’s some pictures

20190829-217 20190829-221 20190829-223 20190829-224

Insurance companies get to write their own rules. They make unilateral decisions based on false or misleading information and in some cases, no information at all.

They can LITERALLY cancel or deny renewal based on any condition that may exist. If they choose to deny coverage on homes that face East, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Cruise-Hinds has no inherent issues that would warrant denial of coverage.


Crouse-Hinds Electrical equipment is thought to be a Cadillac in service equipment both residential and commercial settings.

OCPD’s look good from here.
Any circuits terminating twice on buses or OCPD’s?

Vintage is vintage no matter the equipment manufacturer.

What is the life expectancy** of a **circuit breaker ? The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates a circuit breaker’s life expectancy at 30 to 40 years, and it is the same for GFCI, AFCI, and standard breaker

Roy Cooke Senior said to members, Talk soft and write hard, don’t box yourself in.
I could not agree more.

I see this all the time…with every phase of insurance.

Your Crouse Hinds Panel has a Crouse Hinds / Murray main and the circuit breakers installed are Crouse Hinds, GE and Cutler Hammer and ITE. These Panels are not dangerous like Federal Pacific or Zinsco.

If you need to replace any breakers, it is now Murray

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Insurance companies are regulated by each individual State, the Florida insurance lobby must have the state government in its back pocket to get away with some of the stuff that I’ve read about on this forum. I’ve owned several homes here in the Northeast and have had numerous different insurance companies and not once has anyone ever even set foot in the house.

Thanks for the info as well, ran across one today!

Ok. Call me stupid, but what is the acronym OCPD?

Over Current Protection Device… :smile:

Thanks Larry. I feel so much smarter now!

No problem, Scott… :smile: