Daily Door Prize! First 10 members to reply win!

First 10 members to reply to this post will win two 9 LED Flashlights made by Iron Bridge and a copy of the Environmental Concerns Book.

Post Quick! :smiley:

All prizes will be sent to the addresses provided in your member profile.

OK Nice!

Did I make it?

How about me?

Seven more winners to go!

Meeee toooo.

I’ll take them

Five more winners to go!

I will Take one

I’m in!


Wow !!!

One more lucky winner :slight_smile:

I did not count - any left

Yay! Thanks Everyone , Your prizes will be sent out!

Thanks Claire !

Hello, just passed NIFAST exam, does it count as education ?
Can I get a door prize ?
Anthony Divello Inspections

id like to be a winner.

oh, and Claire, you look especially beautiful today…

looks like they have 10, I used to live in Lafayette, Do you know my brother Jim Divello Otterbien Builder, or Paul Haas ?