Deck above egress window

Hi folks,

Can someone please explain this to me and/or check the validity of this.

I have read online that one can provide an exit from an egress window well that comes through and lands on the floor of a deck.

Is this an option, or not? I want to build a large deck off the back of our house. I’d also like to build over the egress well to make the deck the size that I want. However, I obviously can’t lose access to the egress window, either.

Is there a way to have the best of both worlds? The deck will not be 36 inches above the window well, so that is the problem that I am facing.

Below is the text that I found online, and the link to that website as well. The site has a nice diagram of exactly what I want to do…I just wanted your input as well.

Thanks much,

“Providing for an exit through a deck is a seemingly easy way to comply with the code: Directly above a window well, leave an opening in the deck that is at least equal in size to the well…”

This is also what the article you posted said; and what I recommend.

*This is an option you’ll want to discuss with the local authority. *