Deck Code

Do you this deck is now not constructed with code as of 2009.
Railings need to be 36" above bench if the bench is attached like this deck.:shock:
I had a client that wanted me to build something like this. But he doesn’t want the railing above the bench 36".

Sorry charlie

I would think you would have to submit for a permit with the building dept. At least down here your are supposed to. That should shoot him in the foot right there.

Does that deck even need railings?

How are they going to get those stairs out from under the deck?:mrgreen:

Old style railing that I have seen many years ago. Surprised to see it again.
I guess in todays world, it would be considered climbable and one end of the deck is more than 30" high. So railings are required.
That set up would not meet today’s standard of railing construction to provide safety to the occupants. :slight_smile: