Deck & Stucco Class in Boulder

Drove out to Boulder for the 2 day deck, stucco and manufactured stone veneer class on Fri and Sat. Simpson Strong-Tie put on a good presentation Friday morning.

On Friday afternoon and Saturday Ron Huffman did a great presentation on EIFS, Hard Coat Stucco and Manufactured Stone Veneer. What really amped it up in my opinion was all the 5’ - 6’ high WALLS that NACHI has built showing the different types of stucco and stone veneer installations … With good AND bad details to view up close and personal.

As most people know, I’ve been inspecting for 35 years AND in that time I’ve never seen any inspection association OR school anywhere in the USA have something as terrific for inspectors to learn on as the **“House of Horrors”.

**Over the years I’ve been to training sessions at ITA, Kaplan, Champions, with ASHI, NAHI, etc, etc AND it tops the list for REAL-LIFE displays.

You Gotta Go…