Decoding BDP Serial Number for Heat Pump Age??

Y’all got a clue. First BDP I’ve run across. Made by BDP Company of Indianapolis, IN.

It’s a heat pump.

Picture has Model, Serial & Product #'s.

What you think of them cruddy fan blades. Here’s what I tell em when I see the crud covered blades on the fan.

The filter was not properly in place to filter the air and the blower fan blades are covered with crud which impedes the operating efficiency of the unit. This has also usually allowed dust to come in contact with the wet air conditioning coils. Wet plus dust equals mud on the coils equals the coils being partially blocked (I can’t see the coils to verify this though). Blocked coils further degrade the operating efficiency of the unit. For energy efficiency & lower operating costs, I recommend that you have the heating and cooling unit serviced and cleaned (to include removal and cleaning of both the fan and the coils) by a heating and air conditioning contractor capable of fixing any other problems found while the unit is dismantled.

(Digital cameras are great for reaching in to get pictures of fan blades).



Hmm, BDP Company is Bryant Day/Night Payne.

John Bowman provided some information last year (in the archives).

12/31/07, 4:52 AM
Residential Furnace (Prior to 1970)
SN: 2xxxxxxx
Through the 1960's Day & Night used the first digit of the serial number to indicate year of manufacture. For example: 2xxxxxxx = 1962, 3xxxxxxx = 1963, etc.

Residential Furnace (1970 thru 1979) SN: M4xxxxxx (1970 through 1979)

Beginning in 1970 Day & Night used the first two digits of the serial number with the 1st digit (Letter) indicating the month of manufacture. A=January, B=February, C=March, D=April, E=May, F=June, G=July, H=August, “I” was not used, J=September, K=October, L=November, and M=December. The 2nd digit (Number) indicated the year. 0=1970, 1=1971, 2=1972, 3=1973, 4=1974, 5=1975, 6=1976, 7=1977, 8=1978, 9=1979. In the sample provided the furnace was manufactured December 1974.

Residential Furnace (1980 to present)
SN: 3784C47010 (1980 to Present) Model # Example 48GP02404030

From 1980 to Present the first two digits of the serial number indicate the week and the 3rd and 4th digits indicate year of manufacture. In the sample # the Furnace was manufactured the 37th week of 1984

In that serial number, I believe the third character D indicates 1975.

And why do you believe that, Russel.

The serial number is of the Bryant convention.

Have a BDP heat pump how do i find the seer rating ? don’t see it on any labels and cannot find it online. Can find age of unit, and other specs nothing on seer rating ?

can you post a pic of the data plate? If not give me the model and serial number and I will look it up.

Try this, don’t know about bdp but it works for many brands: