Dedicated breakers (washing machine, microwave, refrigerator)

When was washing machine, microwave, and refrigerator dedicated circuit practices implemented? And aren’t there requirements for kitchen countertops as well (as far as dedicated outlets)? House built in 1997.


As fas as I can tell (I have one book for each decade) pre-50’s for the frig and kitchen . And it looks like 60’s for the laundry. The built in microwave is a relatively recent applaince and a dedicated circuit is typically required by the manufacture.

The laundry room circuit does not need to be dedicated to the washer only. There is no requirement for a dedicated refrigerator circuit unless called for by the manufacturer.

The NEC calls for at least 2 20 amp small appliance circuits to serve the kitchen and dining receptacles.

Interesting guys how 2 countries that at times we share the same electricity but have different electrical codes. Up here in Ontario,Canada the fridge line is a dedicated circuit. We wouldn’t want something else to trip that breaker because we wouldn’t want our beer to get cold -eh! and the rules for countertop outlets have an extensive amount of rules but none the less are also dedicated circuits. just FYI.

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