Defective Heat Exchanger, Flue Connection, etc

Lack of proper flue connection at the masonry chimney. Extreme amount of rusted metal indicating defective heat exchanger. And the gas valve was leaking. Quite a candidate for carbon monoxide! Showed all of the problems to the owner, buyer and agents. The owner stated that he plans to replace the gas furnace, but was in no hurry to resolve the problems. I could not beleive there was no sense of urgency to resolve these very serious safety issues.:neutral:

Don’t think I would stick my neck out that far as to delcare a bad heat exchanger based on rust or a bad flue connection. Rust can and generally is the result of excessive moisture either from a faulty humidifier during the heat season or excessive moisture in the cooling mode. Many heat exchangers will rust and fall to the bottom of the burner barrels and not have a crack.