Deflection cracks around brick house window

What are your expert opinion or do you need more photos ?

How old is that building? Do you have any photos further back?

That segmental brick arch is built improperly, weakened and has failed and the bricks above are settling.


Like 60-70 years old.

I have a few

Obviously, the penatration and load of the porch bearing above the window and the gutter penatration, doesn’t help or should I say helped in contributing to the brick settlement.

Figured as much, is this a big deal is the real question ?

It is if you want further damage to property and human safety if that deck is solely supported on that brick. The bricks will continue to loosen and start bearing on the window and cause damage.
Needs repair.

Looks like a replacement window improperly installed (too wide for the opening).


I agree with @rkenney

I think they excavated that brick and likely compromised the lintel.

Yes it is a big deal as @mcyr stated.

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Yep! You can see the horizontal brick cut and patching all the way down in the pic. Good eye Brian!

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Won’t be long and that window will not slide open, if not already.

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Apparently it’s getting replaced soon.

Contractor said they will Jack it up and the deflection isn’t a problem…

Thanks for all the replies guys !

I just started the home inspection course and this is my family’s house lol

Jack what up? And what deflection is he speaking of? Deflection is almost always a problem, just saying.

Jack up the bricks above the window to install the windows.

He is speaking of the cracks I’ve shown in the pictures.

Seemed fishy to me from the start.

I feel if they jack up those bricks it’s going to cause major issues.

I think you are right.

It sure will, believe me.
The brick work has to be taken down and done properly. Provide proper header for the window and proper attachment of that deck beam.


Incomplete Masonry Arch lintel.
Serpentine crack to the above window sill.

There is a door next to that window that has recently started sticking, Im thinking this could be the culprit.

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