Delay in GFCI tripping

Did an inspection today on a brand new home, and the GFCI protection is provided at the breakers.
The receptacles trip with my tester, but took about 2 seconds to trip, IF I hold down the test button. If I just push quick, it would not trip.
This is the second time I have come across this, last time was several months ago.
Anyone know if these are faulty breakers?

Did you compare the trip time using the recognized trip method of using the test button on the device or breaker?

No, like an idiot, didnt try that. The only one I did try was a defective one for the exterior that didnt trip with either method.


I have also encountered this before. In fact, it took so long, that I removed my tester thinking the GFCI device was faulty and did not trip. Then I hit the test button on the device and it immediately tripped.

So, back in with my tester and held the button down for a few moments and “pop”. The delay was odd but the result was satisfactory to me.

Thx, thats what I was hoping, glad to hear someone else has encountered this

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Morning, Daniel.

What type of tester were you using?

I use an Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester/Analyzer to test voltage on circuit receptacles including GFCI and their trip times.
GFCI Manufactures rate their devices trip ratio in Milliseconds & milliamps. 240 mS is the most allowable trip time I have read but I have not read all manufacturers documents.

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