Department of Energy says savings of 18.5%


They may be saving energy, but not money. Utility rates are raising fast.

Uh … are you saying that people who reduce their energy usage are not paying less for their utility service than what they would be paying if they had not reduced their energy usage? :roll:

You seem to be applying the “logic” associated with one who feels that it is a waste of time to wipe their butt since they are just going to be crapping again, anyway.

It is precisely because of ever increasing utility rates that consumers should seek, immediately, the means to use the least amount of energy they can to operate their homes. Even if I reduce my energy use by 30% and my utility company doubles their rates — my bills will be 30% less than they would have been otherwise.

SHEESH! What kind of logic is that?

Companies of any type, utility or other, are only in business to make money and keep shareholders happy. They will not lose money. So, when you save energy, utility companies have to raise rates. Look at gasoline. Even when cars use less gas, the price just seems to go up.

I know. I have published that analogy some time ago … but not as a reason to avoid energy efficiency.

Do you actually believe that the power company plans to leave your rates the same if you choose to use energy at your current rate … but will only increase your rate if you increase your efficiency?

Due to the new EPA emission requirements scheduled to go into effect in 2014, over 32 coal fired electricity plants will close in Jaunary 2012. Another 30 could close before 2014. Sure their old, and emit carbon. But, the EPA is wanting better, cleaner air emissions by all companies, cars, airplanes, etc.

This is also what Obama wants.

This is all for him, and the government, to control companies via these EPA tightened regulations.

Close power plants, lower tax reveune to the governement and cities, lose jobs, raise rates dramatically, government control. Scary.