Did not get paid! (First time ever)

Send a demand letter. Inform him in letter that next step will be a law suit in small claims court. You will probably be paid before you have to go to court. I don’t know what he owes you but its a guaranteed half day for him to defend. Guys who buy 6000 square foot houses make more working that half day than not paying you. If he does show up in court you will win. You still have to collect but thats not as hard as its made out to be. Especially if he still plans to buy a house. The judgement will show on his credit report and lender will make him pay to fund loan.

Last time that crap happened to me I threatened to send the debt to a collection agency immediately. If someone is trying to buy the last thing they need on their credit is that. Worked Everytime.


Thank you all for your responses. After 10 days of email, texts, etc with no response from client, I sent a demand letter (Certified Mail) threatening Legal action or to send to collections. I got paid the day he received letter.


People like that are filthy scum of the Earth without dignity, self-respect, or shame. He obviously knew he used up your time and it is how you earn a living. He thought you’d just go away. After a while if you pay attention you can usually sense these types a mile away.

Certified mail! A real party popper for individuals thinking they can skip legal dress.
Happy it all worked out.

Did you send the report?

I am working on a no show. He will pay me/my company, or the collection agency.

Thread should have been titled, Have Not Been Paid As of Yet

I agree with Larry above; Get paid in advance. I use paypal to process my payments, but there are other options. I always add the 3% fee to my calculated inspection fee. Folks are used to using on line credit card payments. The fees we receive are never worth the hassle of fighting to get paid afterwards. I’ve never had an issue, although I have had to send a few reminders requesting payment prior to the inspection. If the client cannot trust you to follow through on your inspection, then let them go to someone else.

I had a guy stop payment on his check. When I asked why he said I didn’t find much wrong and it didn’t take me that long. I told him he is not paying for my time but for my knowledge and experience. He said he wasn’t going to pay either way as he was not going through with the purchase. I explained I would sue him in small claims for treble damages, (legal in calif. for bounced or bad checks). He reconsidered when he received certified letter. 32 years and that is the only attempted no pay.

Wow. What a piece of work.

I have a buyer of a 1.75 million property that had to last minute travel the day of the inspection, realtor also was traveling the day of the inspection. I emailed the inspection agreement, along with the invoice and reports. After no response for a week, I reached out to the realtor, then the buyer finally called me, was kind of a _ick, I told him to copy and sign the inspection agreement, and mail it with the check. It took another week or so to get paid, I told him to sign the inspection agreement and send it with the check. He didn’t. Now I’m emailing him again for the inspection agreement. Grrr. Not a good feeling. I still haven’t cashed the check. What to do? I have a copy of the inspection agreement in the report. By him accepting the report, along with the attached agreement, am I somewhat covered? Thanks, sorry so long.

This is a real difficult post to follow. Did you perform a home inspection without an inspection agreement? Why aren’t you cashing the check?

No, you can’t complete the work and then send the terms after the fact.
Consult with your insurance provider and/or attorney.

He was supposed to be at the inspection then had to travel at that time.
I’ll cash it.

Rex, I had an out of state client that did not pay me a good amount. The check was always in the mail. I asked my attorney what to do and he said: “Do not leave your house without a signed agreement, payment in full and a smile on your face. Then email the report.”

For over 15 years I used the method and got push back a time or two but that was all and after I explained the situation both push backs agreed. It worked for me. :grin:

I always get the inspection agreement signed. Just ended up a weird deal with him having to travel, I didn’t find out till the day of the inspection. I should have held off sending the report. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I just did a 2nd inspection for a young guy. He ended up not being able to be at the inspection. I trusted him but still didn’t send the report until I got the check in the mail. He fully understood. Gotta hold to the policy you set.

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Good job David!

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