Digits and Hyphens in Home Inspection Reports.


Hey Nick,

There seems to be a whole series of the articles on the Certified Master Inspector site, but is there an index for them somewhere? When I go to the site, unless I am following one of your links, I can’t find any of the other articles. Is there a link to an index?

InterNACHI has a library of articles: www.nachi.org/articles

I’m mostly just doing some SEO for Certified Master Inspector.

yes, but I’m referring to the articles on the Certified Master Inspector site…or are those articles also on the InterNACHI site?

And flooding real estate agent forums.

I see. Some good articles there.

Maybe you’ll have to compile them all into another book….

I think they meant 5 gallon bucket verse 5 pound bucket.

Thanks Dave. Changed.

Thank you.