Disaster Inspections

Anyone else doing these?



I would like to do Disaster Inspections but I would NEVER do it working for another inspection company. Kind of like doing wind mits for Don Meyler in my opinion.

I would jump at the chance to work for a State or Government,

To be clear I have NOT READ your articles yet but I will and I am just now guessing on what is is. I normally can trust my gut.

I have actually thought of putting together a Construction Team that would be ready at a moment’s notice to help in case of Disasters World Wide but I think it is near impossible to have a team plus replacement for every member to be ready to go at a moments notice unless it was Government funded or something similar and I think that is likely FEMA and we know how well they perform in OUR Country. Any Country out there reading this and that want a serious team to be on call feel free to contact me and I can get a tem plus replacement member for all the people needed we would ONLY have to sign a contract in advance of the trouble to be fair on both sides and no one get accused of gouging :slight_smile: I am A Florida Certified Licensed General Contractor, one otf the toughest positions to get to and the Top of the food chain in Construction I a,m also a Certified Master Inspector which is Obviously the Best of the Best. Check it out at www.certifiedmasterinspector.org We would love to help people in need from the very start including rescue and recovery.

They are Sub Contracted FEMA inspections.

As far as I know they are the only two Contractors that you can work for.

The main downside that I see is what happens to your normal business when this unscheduled event occurs?

If you don’t have a normal business, that would probably work out. The problem is whenever I book a vacation to leave town, that’s when the phone flies off the hook!

That is what I figured. Just more Companies using us and paying us 1/4 of what we are worth in most cases.

David I went twice last year and my phone did ring, Regular clients understood and appreciated what I was doing. I just forwarded the calls to a couple of HI friends here.

I posted because I thought some other people did these and wanted to compare notes.

I deployed to DR4285 for 26 days.
I make myself unavailable when I am busy with home inspections. Things really drop off starting August 1st until around January 1st so going last Oct & Nov did not cost me substantial business.

Pretty much same here Jeff. I went in Aug(DR-LA4277) and Oct. I was in DR-NC4285 Lumberton NC, work just stopped after two weeks so I came home.

I signed up for these many years ago also, (not to make money) and these were my thoughts at the time.

Clients have no problem with it, and neither do hungry home inspectors picking up the slack. Just something you have to concern yourself with.