Discolored drywall

I have a home that I recently inspected it was built approx. 14 Years ago. The home is a steel framed home in a large subdivision. The area is fairly dry with rain winter months and very dry the rest of the time.

My question is on ever ceiling the drywall is discolored at every framing member darker I inspected the attic and it is fully insulated. Approx R 30 No signs of corrosion tot eh drywall

The ceilings have never been painted. Walls have been so I am no sure if they were discolored as well.

I did a inspection in a house in the subdivision about eight or ten years ago it was the same way.

Any ideas

I am sending a pic but it hard to tel from a pictures

Ghosting, been discussed a number of times here. Insulation can be a contributing factor.

Yes, like Davis said ghosting. Google in and you will be enlightened. :smile:

Okay I understand it.

What is recommendation for addressing the problem. Will adding additional insulation help control the ghosting. It appears to be caused by heat & cold transfer from the steel framing.
or does it needs barrier installed.?
Painting does not appear to correct the problem.
We have very low humidity in our area.