Dishwasher Air Gap

I looked back through the old posts somewhat & didn’t see a lot on this subject. I doubt that they are required by code here in Wyoming, couldn’t find that either, I see kinds. Is looped line sufficient vs sink top mounted airgap ? Should it be noted on report if line is not secured properly ?

Some municipal codes require them, but if the drain hose is mounted in a reverse trap to the bottom of the sink counter, it is fine in my opinion.

In Chicago they are required ,but rarely done ,and not even worth noteing as a defect unless not secured up high above the basin.

The reason is contamination if the sink backs up.
Water seeks its own level.

I spent 6 years installing them everyday.

Hi T.J.,

I just note whether or not the dishwasher has an airgap or is highlooped and yes the line should be secured properly.


dallas reply

Check you local codes. They are required in CA regardless of any other methods that may be used, such as high loops or backflow preventers.

High loop is acceptable here in Phoenix, just rarely done correctly.