Do I Have to Disclose:

If was hired by the seller to do a pre-sale inspection, 4-6 months earlier; then I was hired by the buyers to inspect; Do I or my company have a duty to disclose that the same inspector has previously inspected the property. Not disclosure of the report - that’s confidential, but I work for a mid size firm - should they assign someone else? Avoid the appearence of influence peddling…


The seller would have to disclose

Seller would have to disclose same inspection company had previously done an inspection? not release the results, but just that it had happened?

If there were legit issues, the seller has to disclose now because they have knowledge

I would definitely let the buyers know that you inspected it and mention that they hopefully got everything fixed that you found the first go-around

Thanks so much Joshua

Do you have a financial interest in the sale of this property?

What you see today is not what you inspected half a year ago. There is nothing to say about it…

A pre-listing inspection is not the same inspection as a pre-purchase inspection. The purpose of the inspections are not the same.

I agree with David on this one.

Having tried it both ways, full disclosure appears to be the best policy and my current stand on the subject.

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Having tried it both ways, full disclosure appears to be the best policy and my current stand on the subject.

Mine too.

You can do what you want.
Nothing wrong telling them your history with this house.

The point is; it’s not required.

Thank you all for your input. I agree, objectivity is never a bad thing. No one can come back on you if you have objectively stated that you might have done inspection there before, but are committed to an independent analysis.

Have a great day all!

Terry, do you work in a state where the liability is on you as the licensed inspector and not your company? I’d tell your company to assign it to someone else because (it’s obvious) you’re not comfortable doing it, and probably for good reason because you may be responsible for any blowback and not your company. If you found something new, the seller would hang you for it. I’d say this company doesn’t care much about you.

At one point I worked for a Connecticut inspection company that cavalierly did this sort of thing all the time, including assigning CT licensed inspectors to do inspections in NY and Rhode Island. They might get a slap on the wrist if caught while the inspector would lose his license. To make matters worse, this company pitched agents at office presentations by telling them they were the company’s clients while buyers were merely their customers. Of course this is a distinction without a difference, but agents got the message loud and clear.

Inspect the crap out of it, and leave no doubt that you were the best inspector for the job!!

So, now that it’s 10 months later… how about an update???