Do You Carry E&O Insurance ?

So The question is an easy one it is either a Yes or a No. Everyone may have their own reasons and that’s totally cool. Just curious as to what the percentage of Yeses to No’s


I do. I debated for a while before I started because it’s not required here in Cali but ended up purchasing it. When I got an unfounded claim this year it was nice to be able to pass my files to the insurance company and let them figure it out. They ended up finding that I wasn’t at fault and took care of everything and since they didn’t pay a claim there was no deductible.

No, never have and unless it is mandated by law, never will.

Interesting so far. Basically an even split, and 2 good posts 1 for each side of the coin.

Please keep the discussion coming.


Let me throw a wrench in it…Your crazy not to!!! I do mold so I have had to carry a level of pollution insurance as well. There have been at least ten instances this summer where folks have asked and it is required by other vendors when I sub for them. It is a must.

I do. I didn’t for the first six months of starting out, it’s another extra cost for a new inspector, I just couldnt afford it. But at the same time that’s when it’s needed most, when you’re most likely to make mistakes. I got lucky, but now I’m covered.

Jim, I am interested to see how this turns out, Great question, Maybe you could go one step further. Is anyone out there not even having General Liability coverage as a minimum???

Yes. State requires

Good pole thanks,
I do hope a lot of homies participate .

Dave, I don’t know about all the states but you know Maryland makes it mandatory thus why I have mine with You for years and you have always been more than stellar and helpful. Although I have never had to actually use you…LOL and don’t plan ot it ever…LOL but it is sure nice to know you have my back covered.

Also I have checked out many other carriers and I do believe your GL policy is one of the best I have seen and a great value for the price.


I operated my business for the first year without E&O, which is not required in CA.

At the first point where I realized this will be my career, I purchased E&O and GL and have not operated without it since then.

The litigious nature of this state is more of a concern to me than actually missing something that may cost me a large sum of money. It’s just too easy to be drawn into litigation that can bankrupt a company and/or individual.

The only time I was ever sued, I was never even notified that there was a dispute. I received a summons with a court date already set.

The claim was for $80,000 in damages. I turned it over to my insurance, they fought it and eventually settled for $7500.

Even at that, the legal fees were nearly $30,000.

I never had to show up for even a deposition - the insurance handled every aspect of it. All it cost me was my deductible…

I carry 500K EO plus GL.

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I do carry E&O and GL.

Its interesting to see 50/50 results on this pole.

E&O, GL and workers comp. No homeowner should let any contractor on their property without worker’s comp. In most states if you are injured on the property they are responsible unless you have workers comp.

Over the years I have received several inspection just because I carry insurance. Usually they are referred from other inspectors who do not carry it.

I carry 500K EO plus GL.

For the few dollars it cost its well worth the money and also a great marketing tool as most inspectors in my area do not carry it.

Im sure once licensing is approved in Ontario it will be a requirement.

I carry General Liability as well as Errors and Omissions.

I have both e&O and gen contractor liability. The liability is only like $500 per year. The E&O is maybe about $2k.

E&o plus general liability. State requires it, but has never verified I actually have it.