Dock and seawall inspection certification course

Who is interested in a dock and seawall cer. Course, developed by marine contractor and structural engineer


Sounds Great :smiley:

I am surprised that InterNachi does not offer a certification course for seawalls and docks. I have been looking for one for a few years.

Too little demand from newbies, veterans are generally too smart to get involved, and carries potentially too high liability. Do you carry insurance for it? One would be much better off testing for EMF. :shock:

The course is being developed and voluntary

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to see if any progress has been made. Been thinking about this for a while now and am having trouble finding info.

No new news as of lately.

I don’t necessarily want to inspect them but I sure would like to know something about them.

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Would like to see this move forward.

Good Evening,

Any good certification courses for seawalls/docks? I know this post is old but hoping there has been some progress made. Thank you.

Yes please! I would have my entire team certified as soon as possible. Actually shopping for a course now.

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Four years later, still sounds like a great idea.

Count me in. Good thing I shaved every second day and cut my hair every 2 months instead of waiting for the course to start Lol…