Does NRSB accept InterNACHI training for CE without a proctored exam

Tried searching for this answer. Seen a lot of discussion about radon certification agencies and the InterNACHI “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course”.

It looks like for pre-licensing, at least according to the training, a test has to be ordered from NRSB and sent to the proctoring facility. I cannot find a clear answer for CE, however. Previously, I always did NRSB CE through a correspondence course that would have a graded exam, but no proctoring requirements.

I also sent a message to NRSB staff asking this, but hoping for a quick answer here. If I get a firm answer from NRSB, I will update this thread with the information.

NRSB is on the ball! Got a reply back within minutes:


For CE credits you must have the course certificate to hand into the NRSB. In order to obtain that certificate you will have to pass the course quiz. You do not need to take our exam again.

i.e., the InterNACHI course and downloaded certificate is all you need for NRSB CE.


Which Cert are you getting from NRSB? RMT or RMS?

Which Cert are you getting from NRSB? RMT or RMS?


Great, thanks