Does this look like back drafting on a water heater

Some rusting going on under the draft hood water heater was from 2008 and is being listed as nearing the end of its lifespan. Is any evidence of rusting under the draft hood most likely back drafting? Just wanted some more input. Thanks for the help

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No. Did you test it for backdrafting?

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No I did not. What’s the best way to test for backdrafting it’s not something we normally do. But I would like to start

Hold a lit match near the hood.

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That easy?

Close any doors, If there’s a furnace and/or clothes dryer in the room with it, make sure that they are running.

But no. It doesn’t look like backdrafting to me.


I agree it doesn’t look like back drafting to me, either.

One way to test for back drafting is to hold a mirror at an angle at the draft hood opening, while the water heater is running, and if it fogs it most likely is back drafting.

Hope this helps. :smile:


Nice. All good tips, thanks for the help fellas.

Condensation build up in the flue dripping down?


If you’re going to start testing backdrafting, you should know that it is normal for appliance to backdraft some in the beginning while a draft is established. Wait like a ~30-60 seconds after the burner kicks in and then test.


Thanks, Simon, I could’ve mentioned that. I’m glad you did. :smile:

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